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Yoga events and travel 

Yutopia offers its members a friendly, easy-going environment to grow and thrive in. Start your journey with us 
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Ready to Begin Your Journey?

The first step is the most important! Beginners are particularly welcome at Yutopia, you will find a friendly environment that will help you thrive.
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Our Community

The Yutopia family is amazing! We are many people from all over the world, brought together by the will to live a fuller life.

I love Yutopia's  classes and the warm,  positive environment. Yutopia gave me my first yoga experience,  I loved it so much that I never stopped going . I join Janice's hatha class, I leave her classes  tired but full of positive energy. She guides you step by step and correct your positions. I feel that I have improved so much in only a few months, I love her classes! Now thanks to Yutopia yoga is such an important part of my week.



Carol常常說yoga is not a competition, 很喜歡這句話,現代生活步調都太快太忙碌了,每週送給自己一小時專屬於自己的時間,好好的放鬆、好好的感受和好好的謝謝自己,然後就會很有力氣的面對星期一。太喜歡每週日的療癒瑜珈,謝謝宇宙帶著我認識溫暖的Yutopia & 活力滿滿的Carol🧡🧡



About Yutopia

Our minds are cluttered with duties and information. Many times we focus so much on what's around us that we forget about what's inside us. 

Yutopia helps you pull the plug from the outside noise and focus on your inner self. Our mission is to give you guidance through the improvement of your body, mind and soul to reach your inner "Utopia". 

 “Yutopia goes beyond yoga. Here we learn how to enjoy life and support each other in the exploration of our beautiful selves.“

- Carol Yu,

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